Monday, February 8, 2016

Sausage Roll & Buffalo Wings

It's a sad day for Charlotte, the Panther's lost the Super Bowl. They still had a great season, and they even managed to turn this gal into a pseudo football fan...well, sort of.

 We were still battling colds over here (this time Brad), so we did not have company as intended. Unfortunately, I went grocery shopping early in the week so I bought enough wings to feed a small army. We ended up freezing three of the four packages of wings...and we will be eating taco dip for dinner this week! I will say our mini-spread did not disappoint...

To expand on last weeks' post I will share some recipes. At the tender age of 15, I worked at a pizzeria and learned to make homemade wings. These are still some of the best I've had, and they are SO easy to make..

Classic Buffalo Wings

1/2 cup Melted Butter 
1 cup Franks Red Hot Sauce
~ 28 wings 
Peanut Oil (For Frying)

 1) Heat Peanut Oil to 350F in a Deep Fryer
2) Working in two batches, fry wings 9-13 minutes depending on desired crispness
3) In a small bowl prepare sauce
4) In a large Bowl ladle in a bit of sauce and toss to coat wings (I use tongs)

Serve with Celery, Carrots, and Marie's Blue Cheese (the best)!

The sausage roll  turned out really awesome too, here is the recipe for that...

Sausage Roll

 1lb of ground Italian sausage (sweet or hot depending on preference) 
16z of shredded mozzarella
Pre-made Dough (from the Deli Section)
Egg Wash ( 1 egg & 1 Tbsp of Water beaten)
Sesame Seeds/Oregano (optional) 

1) Brown Sausage in a pan on med/high heat & drain
2) Spread Cheese & Sausage Crumbles evenly over dough, roll up tucking in edges
3) Baste the top lightly in egg wash and add a sprinkling of sesame seeds/Oregano if desired 
4) Bake 350F for 45 minutes until nicely browned on top

Let cool, slice & serve (you can eat it hot or room temp)

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Five on Friday...

Excuse my absence from the blogging world this week, I rarely get sick, but I've had a terrible head cold/sinus-y thing and have spent the better part of the week in a NyQuil daze. Thank the Lord for tissues with lotion, that's all I'll say about that.

 Now it's time for my Five on Friday...


Via Caroline @ Road Magic

My cousin Caroline, whose Birthday is today by the way, started a fabulous new blog called Road Magic . She is a newlywed who hit the road with her hubby on an adventure of a lifetime! They converted an 86' Chevy GTO into a cozy little home, and will spend their first year of marriage discovering "Road Magic." What is Road Magic you ask? Well head on over to her new blog (Here) and find out! 


 My taste-buds are functioning properly again just in time for the Super Bowl.The Carolina Panthers will take on the Denver Broncos, and I'll be snacking on...

A variation of this 7 Layer Dip from A + Life...

My Friend Katie's Crockpot Weenies ( Little Smokies + Grape Jelly + Chili Sauce. Just try it and thank me later...

Sausage Roll like this one from Apple Crumbles, a Utica favorite...
Wings of course! We are going to be bad and break out the deep fryer, crisp them up for 9-13 minutes...Yes, I did this as a job once. When they are finished toss them in Frank's Red Hot & Butter...the only way to do it in my humble opinion (I'll play the Buffalo-card). Marie's Blue Cheese, celery, and carrots on the side and you're good to go!

Go Panthers!


Friends of mine know that I try my absolute best to avoid the show The Bachelor, but I found myself not feeling well and running low on guilty pleasure TV fodder. Brad was traveling for work so I decided to go for it and ..just wow. I feel embarrassed for some of these ladies, the SNL skits are dead on! 

Lauren H & B seem the most sane by the way, therefore making them my picks...


I'm beginning to appreciate country life a bit more each day. Just look at these gorgeous sunset pictures I took on my way home last week  (Brad was driving, no road hazards here)...

Have you heard of Micit Groups on Facebook? My friend invited me to join one a couple weeks ago and I have been obsessed. It's a great sounding board for decor advice (Micit Home), or recipe ideas (Micit Recipes), I believe there is even a Micit Travel page. It's different than the run of the mill sales groups, and the advice tends to be unbiased which is great. I wish it was around when we were building the house!

That's all for this week,

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Braving the Storm & NFC Championship

 We survived this weekend's winter snow storm with only one minor casualty; this sad, lone, tree that was overcome with ice. We tried to save it, but it was too far gone...

We spent much of the weekend doing things like making big breakfasts...

And when the inevitable cabin fever hit, we braved the (by then) melted and cleared roads of  Lancaster, SC and drove around and grabbed lunch. 

On Sunday we went to the NFC Championship Game to see the Panthers make it to the Super Bowl! Admittedly, I am not much of a football fan, but work gave us the tickets and it really was a lot of fun. My company hosted a small get together at Bonz for some drinks and food before the game, and then we made our way to the stadium.

It was a night game so I prepared for chilly weather with five layers on top and three on the bottom. A friend let me borrow some winter boots, and I had both hand and toe warmers (which are awesome by the way), so I was not going to be cold. Bundled up we were ready for the game!

 okay, so maybe I'm the only one who looks like I'm prepared to moonlight as an Eskimo here haha...

We had incredible seats five rows up from the field...

It ended up being a great game for the Panthers, and everyone was cheering and high-fiving the entire time...

We didn't get home until 11:30, so I am a little tired this morning but it was definitely worth it. We can't wait to watch the Panthers in the Super Bowl!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Five on Friday

Linking up for another Five on Friday...


Brad is working from home with me today since we are having some bad weather here. We are further South than Charlotte so we didn't see much snow, but it's super icy. I am really hoping we don't lose power since we didn't buy a generator yet. The craziest thing has been happening today too, birds keep flying smack dab into our windows! I am not sure if it's just the wind whipping around or what...


Freezing weather calls for soup! This Copycat Carraba's Sausage and Lentil Soup hits the spot. It's healthy, hearty, and it's as simple as throwing things into a pot (or slow cooker). This recipe is extra-yummy so you really should give it a shot! 


  • You could easily sub veggie crumbles or turkey/chicken sausage
  • I added a few dashes of Frank's Red Hot Sauce and Red Wine Vinegar
  • I used fresh basil and parsley in mine, 2-3 leaves finely chopped. 
  • Don't forget the freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top


I've posted about Kind bars before, but these are my new favorite variety. I found a big box of 12 at Marshall's for only $10! If you like coconut these are perfection...

We will eventually update our tv stand as Brad wants to upgrade size-wise next year. I'd love to find a unique rustic piece similar to something below. We have so much dark wood in our home that I think I need to go in a different direction. Which do you like best?


We made these indulgent cheese fries last week for the game and they were awesome. I wish I didn't love cheese as much as I do, but why deprive yourself of something so tasty? I'm sure most of you know how to make these already, but this is how we do ours...

Cheese Fries

1 15z Pkg. of Crinkle-Cut Fries, I like Alexia
 16z of grated cheddar cheese (yes, it's a lot but they are CHEESE fries after-all, no skimping)
Three finely sliced Green Onions
1 pkg of precooked bacon crumbles (or 4 slices of  chopped cooked bacon)
Prepared Ranch Dressing (Use a Hidden Valley Packet or something similar, bottled dressing just won't due)

To prepare:
 Bake fries until golden and crunchy
When fries are done, top with cheese and bacon and let them melt under the broiler for 5-10 minutes
garnish with green onions and  serve with ranch on the side

Stay safe & warm this weekend friends, 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Long Weekend Highlights...

I spent time on Saturday with my Grandma Mary, Aunt Pam, Aunt Joanne, Uncle Tom, and Cousin April babysitting my cousin Suzy's sweet triplets. We helped with bath time duties; a daunting task made easier by our small assembly line. It's fun to see how much they've grown since Thanksgiving. Below is little blue-eyed Charlotte; she was fully alert and busy observing as her brothers snoozed away...

That night we went to a dive down the road called Brews Pub with friends. To our surprise it was really cute inside, and they not only had tasty food (killer wings), but a great band as well. Plus I may or may not have eaten a brownie sundae for dinner so all was right in the world...

Photos Via Classic Annie

Photos Via Classic Annie

Sunday Brad watched the game and I ventured out to do my grocery shopping for the week sans crowds. We mostly lazed about and Bindi enjoyed laying in the sun. As weird as it sounds, my girl prefers sitting near a window to actually taking walks outside...

Monday I had the day off, so I took the opportunity to catch up with a couple of my long-distance friends. I am not always good about keeping in touch, but I do miss them dearly so I need to get better about that.

 That night I met my friend Aaron for sushi at Jade. It has been a long time since we've been able to get together, so it was awesome to see him. We literally laughed for two hours and the sushi was absolutely delicious too! I highly recommend the Volcano and Cherry Blossom rolls. 

All and all it was a lovely weekend. 
Stay warm friends, 

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Five on Friday


 Sad news friends, I did not win the Powerball Billions. Brad and I grabbed a couple tickets in SC Tuesday night and they had these hilarious signs outside the door. We made out with a whopping $4...but it was worth all of the fun chatter about what we were going to do if we won big.


In my attempt to find something different and healthy for meals this week, I came across two really great dishes; Damn Delicious' PF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps

By the way if you don't have a rice cooker and you prepare a lot of rice you NEED one. My rice game is strong thanks to this handy dandy Aroma Food Steamer and it's only $32.99



Greatist' Sweet Potato and Egg Breakfast Hash  (I made it for lunch). I did make a couple changes to the recipe; I used roasted red peppers since that's what I had, and added a dash of Siracha on top which I highly recommend. 

Don't mind the in-pan photo...

I also made Skinny Mom's Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff  but it was just okay in my opinion. 


A new snack that I have become obsessed with (thanks to my co-workers), Pom Poms or Pomegranate Arils. They are a little pricey at $3.99 for four ounces, but are healthy and super convenient when you're in the office or on the go.


You may notice that The Healing Apron has a bit of a new look. I decided that after nearly two years it was time for a minor face-lift. You can find tons of FREE and cute blog background options at Shabby Blogs.

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Monday, January 11, 2016

My Weekend in Photos...

I am always on the lookout for lazy morning breakfast recipes to make on the weekend. I saw this Overnight Blueberry French Toast recipe featured on a blog last week and knew I needed to try it. I had some blueberries frozen from the summer and mixed in some strawberries as well. We halved the recipe and made some changes based on reviews; mixed in a bit of confectioners sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla in the cream cheese (I used 1/3 less fat Neufchatel cheese), and added more fruit. I served the syrup on the side but made a double batch. The flavors were really good (don't skip the cinnamon), but I do think next time I would double the amount of french bread and use only a cup of fruit called for in the original recipe.
I may have gotten a little carried away with the syrup in this one...

Saturday was a busy-boring day. I cleaned and baked, and Brad and his Dad worked on the building. The rain has made it difficult to finish but it's getting there! Afterward, we went to the Big View Diner for a bite to eat, and I don't think I even made it to 10:30 before I was fast asleep.

 Sunday morning we took Bindi with us and went for a nice long walk. We explored the new neighborhood they are cutting in to ours (Brad isn't too thrilled), but I am really excited about potential new neighbors! The sun was out shining and the day was absolutely beautiful...

That afternoon we met Brad's Mom and Dad out for lunch and went to their home to celebrate my MIL and Winston's Birthday. I played Dance Dance Revolution with the boys (a fun workout), and My SIL made us all a delicious lasagna dinner. I was in charge of the cake French Vanilla with whipped Buttercream...I guess it's time to get in a workout today!

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